Think Bigger

Ask bigger questions, make bigger decisions, get bigger results.

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Bounded rationality describes our ability to only see what we can see.

If you're a fish in a pond, all you know is the pond that you've lived in.

Imagine if you, the fish, could learn something that gave you the ability to jump into a new pond.

This new pond is bigger, maybe it's safer, maybe it's more interesting to you.

Regardless of its qualities, your ideas of the world have expanded due to this discovery.

This is the idea of breaking out of your bounded rationality.

This is the idea I want to leave you with today.

While you pursue your current set of ideas, goals, questions and answers.

Take a step back, and think about the meta game.

What does your bigger pond look like?

What questions might you ask to discover its existence?

The answer is different for us all, but it must be asked in order to obtain new results.

We cannot achieve new results with the same thinking we used to obtain old results.

What would it take for you to enter a new pond?

How can you expand your bounded rationality to discover bigger questions, decisions, and results?

Think bigger