This Or That

What do you want more?

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What do you want more?

This? Or That?

I often find myself thinking about trade-offs.

Software trade-offs, business trade-offs, relationship trade-offs, health trade-offs, and all kinds of trade-offs.

Through observation, it's easy to see many events in life boil down to trade-offs.

Win this -> lose that. More here means less there. These relationships over those. Rigid vs flexible. Focus or relax. Readable code over fast code.

I truly believe you can have almost anything you want in life.

The question is what are you willing to trade for it?

Your time? Your money? Your relationships? Your skills? Your creativity?

The more you're willing to lose, the more you will gain.

But beware, this is a dangerous balancing act.

Some things can only be gained and lost only once.

For instance, we're always trading our time, and we'll never get it back.

So always ask yourself...

'What I want more?'

'This or That?'