Watch your storyline

Our storyline shapes our lives

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Lately, I've been in one of those depressed states.

I'm building a one man software company and it's just hard sometimes.

I find myself asking questions on both sides of the table.

What if I could do it? What if I can't?

What if I waste my time, money and energy?

What if I'm getting close?

I've just finished reading 'how nasa builds teams' and really clicked with the green vs red storylines concept.

Green storylines can be summarized as a positive perspective on a situation that aids progressive action.

Red storylines are negative perspectives that often make the situation worse.

I'm sure you've experienced green and red storylines in your life.

When in depressed states of mind, we start running red storylines. The self-doubt kicks in.

With any difficult or challenging goal, like building a small and sustainable one man software company, it's natural to feel this way. To be negative sometimes.

But red storylines only slow us down.

If we allow red storylines to run our vision becomes blurred by negativity.

We must think positively. 'I can do this. There's a solution here. This is my dream. One thing at a time. I know there is a way.'

Pain will always exist in some form.

What matters is how we react and how we fortify our mental state with green storylines.

Positivity is an essential ingredient for any large journey.

The bigger the goal the more important it is to run green storylines.

Whatever your goals are, stay positive.

Watch your storylines and be aware when you're running negative red storylines that harm your progress.

Our mind shapes our journey. So we must shape our mind.