When you win, what will you do?

Vital questions for your post success life

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We all know when we lose, we're supposed to get back up, study our failure, and keep fighting the good fight.

Today, I have a new question for you.

Imagine your big win, your dream come true.

You did it, you accomplished your goal you've been working toward for days, months, and years.

I'm talking about the type of win that makes you love yourself uncontrollably.

I'm talking about the type of win you've sacrificed your life for.

You pushed through problem after problem, conflict after conflict, and you've arrived at the place you've marked victory.

You've won.

Now, what will you do?

Will you celebrate?

Will you reflect?

Will you study your success?

Will you let yourself enjoy victory? Or will you throw yourself right back into a new battle?

Will you share your success? Or will you keep it all to yourself?

Will you build on what you've accomplished? Or will you leave it to start something new?

When you win, what will you do?

How will you behave?

Who will be proud of you?

Who will you want to be proud of you?

Will you spend the rewards of your success? Or will you stash it away?

Will you leave your peers in the dust? Or turn around and pull them up with you?

Will you (try to) return to all the things you gave up to meet success? Or will you remain the person you needed to be to win?

When you win, what will you do?

What will it mean?

When will you move on from your win?

Will you remember why you wanted the win in the first place?

It's clear that what we do when we lose is more important.

Losing with the next iteration in mind is the key to arriving at your win.

However, one day after you do the work, day after day, it will happen and you'll have to consider the question...

When you win, what will you do?