Give to Gain

The best way to gain is to give

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Human interaction is a complex mess of emotions, culture and survival.

People want to be surrounded by people like them even though it's a major setback for growth.

More on that another time.

One of my favorite elements of human interaction is reciprocation.

We've all had the experience of receiving a random act of kindness.

It gives such a positive feeling followed by the thought 'What can I do for them?'.

This reciprocation scales with how much we like the person and how connected they are to our emotional state, our culture and our survival.

This law of human of interaction makes getting what you want quite simple.

The best way to gain something is to give.

You want a promotion? What can you give to show you deserve it?

You want to date person X? What can you do to add value to their life?

You want to be financially well-off? What can you create that others value enough to pay for?

This mental shift forces us to think from the other's perspective and create true value for them.

This idea changed the way I operate with world because it can serve as a road map.

If the world tends to give to givers and I perceive that I'm not receiving what I desire. It means I'm giving improperly.

Maybe I'm not putting enough time in.

Maybe I'm creating something that isn't desired.

Maybe I'm giving to the wrong audience.

Knowing who and what to give to is critical important to encourage reciprocation.

Think about those around you and give, give, give.

Because the best way to gain in life is to give.