Losing steam

You only lose when you give up

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The past month has been hard.

I've been cranking on a complex, new feature for Light Bulb and although the feature is 95% complete...

I'm losing steam.

It's painful to say that. I pride myself on consistency and determination.

So how do we stay on track when we feel like our efforts aren't creating progress?

The response to this question shapes our future and determines our success.

I always go back to my 'why'.

Why did I set out to do this in the first place?

Why do I want to be a solopreneur? An indie developer creating value for niche audiences?

Because I love creating and this is who I am.

Because I don't want my skills and life to be used for someone else's dream over my own.

Because I want to live a life that is truly my own. Unshaken by normalcy.

The thing about creating is that it doesn't always feel good. Sometimes the idea doesn't come out like you'd like it too. Or in my case it takes tons more energy and time than assumed.

That can be a draining feeling. Not seeing progress fast enough.

My patience has improved, but it's being tested right now.

At the end of the day we all only have two choices.

Follow your dreams or give up.

The answer seems obvious but the actions are not.

Being drained is dangerous. Burnout can kill dreams just as easily as inconsistency and self-doubt can.

So what will I do?

I will take more time enjoying the fruits of my labor.

I'll take less time head down deving and come back to design and architecture.

I'll look for new ways to change my schedule and improve my connection to my audience.

I'll do the things I really enjoy.

I'll turn to my positive coping mechanisms like working out, climbing, chess, and writing music.

Above all I will do what I must to recharge and stay focused on THE dream.

The dream of being an indie dev building machines that generate human value for my audiences.

Down is not out.

Creators, never forget this...

You only lose when you give up.