Keep showing up

The most important success strategy.

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What's the most import advice you would give someone who wants success in life? In finances, in relationships, in health, or in any domain?

I know what I'd say every time. There is no better way to 'win' than to iterate over time.

Keep showing up

An elusively simple yet difficult tactic to execute that most will fail. It's easy to talk about your goals, but to wake up every day and execute on them is what separates you from the pack.

Showing up means being consistent, and consistency is a skill that is developed through deliberate practice.

When things get tough when I'm coding, designing, or working on a marketing strategy, I like to imagine I'm a diamond miner.

A diamond miner that's been mining months, refining my processes with each iteration. I imagine being just 2 feet away from diamonds (my goals) and giving up.

What if, right now, you're feet away from your goal and all you need is to show up one more time.

What if you're minutes away? What if you're one decisions away? What if you're one conversation away from finding your diamonds?

It's epically tragic to think about. Being so close and giving up.

In reality you're probably more than one or two steps away but there is no way to truly know.

This is why consistency is everything. When we're consistent we don't need to know when we'll reach our goal. All we need to know is that we're on the right track.

Of course if you discover you don't want to accomplish thing X then by all means give up. Steer your ship in a new direction.

But if you really want something the secret is quite simple.

Keep showing up. Keep learning. Keep building. Keep mining.

Your perceived competition will fade away and in the end - only you will remain.