Focus Your Anger

Turn negative emotions into positive action.

2m Read


There's a ton of messed up crap going on in the world.

Nature is fundamentally unfair and therefore society is as it is an extension of nature.

Sexism, racism, ageism, classism, and any other 'ism' are natural parts of our society at this time.

I've had several bouts of pure anger toward the injustices of the world in the past few years and initially it got me nowhere.

It wasted my time, energy and focus.

Negative emotions serve little function outside our mind letting us know 'something is wrong - fix it now'.

The key is redirecting negative emotions into action. Every shitty situation offers an opportunity to act and bring resolution.

Every negative emotion is a chance to fix, address, act, or build something to resolve the solution.

Turn your negative emotions into positive action. Change something for the better. Redirect all thoughts and actions toward resolution.

"His anger did not serve any worthwhile purpose, but his actions changed everything"