Make Future You Proud

Draw inspiration from your future self.

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Have you ever thought to pull inspiration from the future? Specifically, from your future self?

This is a technique I've been using more as I near my 30s.

There have been countless occasions where I've looked into the past proud of actions I'd taken that were scary, risky or difficult.

So I started imagining my future self (1, 3, 5, and 10 years) thinking back to now wondering: What would I be proud of?

It's important here to specify the exact actions your future self is proud of.

Are you proud of your past (current) self because you pushed through problem after problem?

Are you proud because you cut off a bad habit or a cut a tie with someone who was harming your success?

Are you proud because you took a huge risk with a new job or technology?

I think this thought experiment is extremely powerful because it shows the actions you are or want to be proud of.

These actions are signals from the future you want to create.

Take a note of these actions and bring them to life.

Make future you proud.