You can't keep up

How to keep up with endless innovation.

2m Read


Everyday new technology is released.

A new tool, app, widget, framework, technique or gadget.

As creators that care about our craft, itโ€™s our job to be efficient. That means being up-to-date on the best tech to do the job.

But how can we with the daily onslaught of new technology?

There isnโ€™t enough time in the day to test, study and build meaningful value with all these new toys.

Both you and I can't keep up.

So what can we do?

1. Accept it is not possible to keep up.

2. Stop trying to grab everything and let your curiosity and goals guide you.

3. Schedule time every week to do nothing but explore. See what's out there. See what grabs your attention.

Remember, the goal isn't to learn and use every tool we can.

You can't keep up.

So don't.

The goal is to discover and utilize tools that reduce the space between you and your goals.