Run From Losers

3 ways to spot a chronic loser so you can YEET out of there.

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Some people do not want to win.

No matter what they do, they always find a way to self sabotage.

They tend to bring others down with them. These people should be avoided at all costs.

We become our environment. The space and people around us have a profound effect on our behavior. For this reason, it's critically important to shape our environment.

If you have goals, ambitions, KPIs you want to hit...

Run from these people. Run from losers.

Here are 3 ways to spot a chronic loser.

1. Look for patterns of negative language that adds nothing to the conversation.

2. Watch for people who don't take blame for their mistakes. It's never their fault.

3. Look for short term, instant gratification seekers.

If spot someone with one, two or three of these traits. Grab your running shoes.

Run from losers.