To simplify: think

The more thought, the simpler the problem

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The feature has been jumping around in the back of my mind since I deferred it in 2020 when the project started.

It's a complex feature with many moving parts. I made the right decision to defer it at the time, I wasn't ready.

Since then I've been thinking about what it would take to solve the problem. That's a year of thought. A year of 'oh, this will work' and 'this will not work'.

Now that I'm writing the requirements doc for the feature it doesn't seem that complex at all. There are just many little steps.

It's incredible how, at a glance, things seem complex. New problems, new domains, new relationships, and new ideas all share this quality.

The truth is often simple and the initial complexity our mind perceives is a facade.

The next time you're confronting complexity. Take dedicated time to think.

Things are rarely as complex as they seem.

To simplify: Think.